Hi I am Lilly Amber O'Bryan my current residence is in Canada.
Hope you enjoy my site/blog. :)
My name is Lilly Amber O'Bryan.I was born in 1990 (Currently age 24) I grew up in a unstable house hold full of arguing and fighting,my brother who also suffers from mental illness used to abuse me and even attacked me during one of his psychotic breaks.My father was a alcoholic who used to verbally abuse me and physically abuse me by hitting me,spanking me for no reason slapping me across the face and beating me in other various ways.This spawned the violent thoughts.I used to daydream of all the terrible things I wish I could do to him.instead of carrying out these thoughts I would either stab a knife into the wall or abuse myself by cutting or burning my flesh.
I have been suffering from various problems since childhood but I didnt officially get diagnosed with schizophrenia until this year.For 2 years prior to this diagnosis I have been hearing voices,having delusions,horrible thoughts and seeing things that arent there.These events have inspired me to write this blog about my struggles as a young adult with schizophrenia.